Bishop Leonard Umunna: A Man of God with Grace

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Bishop Umunna


“Greatest starts from the mental thought of a man in life-Godday Odidi”


If you are talking about the first generational servants of God that has gracefully succeeded in ministry over the years, then Bishop Leonard Umunna, presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) is one man of God that has equally affected lives positively with enviable legacies.

With his recent hit gospel music videos on the social media platform titled as’Bu dike and My God you do me well’ that has gracefully captured the minds his followers across the globe.

Bishop Leonard Umunna has become a role model preacher to both old and young preachers of our time. His songs are inspirational and beneficial to the kingdom of God and mankind.

The grace of God has been consistent in the life of Bishop Leonard Umunna whose members are toeing his path of greatness and legacy.

One thing I admire about this wonderful servant of God is that, he uses his church members as back-up singers and dancers in every of his musical videos till date.

The grace of God has kept his ministry growing from strength to strength and he has become a clergy that speaks with grace to church founders and members. He is a grace speaker with grace knowledge to the core.



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