Bishop Leonard Umunna: A Man of God with Leadership Capacity

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“You can only be a good leader if those around you are making significant or enviable progress in life”-Godday Odidi

A month from now, Bishop Leonard Umunna, the father of church drama and presiding bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral(BLCC) in Africa will be marking his 63rd birthday celebration but the fact remains that this noble clergy over the years possessed enviable leadership capacity to lead his congregation to heaven.

One Pentecostal ministry that has loved for quality leadership skills is BLCC, founded by our beloved clergy whose ministerial passion to be sinless and be heavenly bound in a all ramifications. Every member of BLCC is treated equally in respective of their positions but heaven is the ultimate goal of Bishop Leonard Umunna.

According Bishop Leonard Umunna, leadership is not about acquiring wealth of this world but to bring souls for Christ through sprit-filled teachings, evangelism, tapes and books. My mission to see believers being freed from satanic oppression and make significant living on earth. Legacy is my watchword in ministry. Be great as a man of God is not having cars or money but preparing souls lifting voice to heaven.

When it comes to leadership of the church, Bishop Umunna is worthy to be emulated with his unassuming capacity to lead men of integrity to heaven. In BLCC, backbiting is not allowed than an undiluted teaching of Jesus Christ.Everybody is placed on his or her own calling without altercation.

Bishop Umunna is not just a general overseer but mentorial father to many up and coming clergies in Africa and beyond.BLCC is over 34 years today not because Umunna is a leading pastor but his indefatigable humility brought him to limelight over the years. Leadership is a learning process coupled with good followers and books around you. He has directly made his mark in congregational leadership in Africa and beyond.




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