Bishop Leonard Umunna: A Philanthropic Preacher with Credibility

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Bishop Umunna


“Great people keep to their words while unpredictable people lack credibility”-Godday Odidi


On November 25th, 2018, Bishop Leonard Umunna, presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) cum serial entrepreneur displayed his philanthropic love to non-members of his church, particularly the widowers and widows in Ajegunle.

It was a moment of giving back to the poor to fulfill God’s purpose in his life. This divine calling to help humanity every third November of the year has become prominent in the life of Bishop Umunna who finds compassion in helping the poor in Ajegunle and beyond.

As a man of God that keeps to his words, he believes that preaching undiluted word to believers and non-believers is not enough to help humanity in Africa.

With the current economic quagmire in Nigeria, Bishop Leonard Umunna believes that the only way to eradicate poverty from the poor leadership culture to practice what clergies preach in the altar.

Bishop Leoanard Umunna is one African clergy that is not greedy in life, having offered free educational scholarships to many orphans and members of his ministry over the years, philanthropic faithfulness remains his legacy on earth.

He gave out bags of rice, wrappers, groundnut oil, cash gifts and other food items to widows and widowers as way to make them smile in life. He is a man of God with great commitment to humanity in Africa.





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