Bishop Leonard Umunna: A Unswerving Clergy at 64

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Bishop Umunna

“Achievers of destiny live with good legacies after them”-Godday Odidi
Bishop (Prof) Leonard Nwaoma Umunna founded Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) in the year 1982 and took the spiritual firmament by storm, graduated from street morning cry to bus to bus preaching that brought his spiritual fame to a great height in ministry.
His calling into the ministry at 9 was a real mystery but his late mother knew what little Leonard would become in life, so, she devoted much motherly love for him.
This quintessential son of Imo State who has resided his entire life in Lagos till date, his love for spiritual faithfulness and commitment to God’s work is legendary.
There was a time in Nigeria when Bishop Leonard Umunna was the only voice speaking on national leadership after the demise of Bishop Benson Idahosa.He was always appearing on major Nigerian Television stations providing veritable solutions to the country’s leadership as well. He featured in major Nigerian newspapers like the Sun, the Independent, the Punch and radio stations to air his views on creative leadership system.
Since he brought the ministry to Ajegunle city, many unbelievers had received Christ in their lives over the years. He has become a role model to many pastors in the world. Having a congregation of over 3000 in a Sunday service that runs in two shifts, his messages focus on the righteousness and faithfulness to God. Many had testified on the miraculous works of this great servant of God over the years.
Umunna has birthed different amiable God’s generals who passed through his ministerial tutelage and today, he has become a father to many in Africa.
His spiritual vibrancy, innovativeness and resourcefulness in ministry has
given him a golden name in the sands of time.
At 64, Umunna has brought his deep spiritual intellect and rare administrative acumen to bear in Nigeria, particularly, Ajegunle city in Lagos State. His creative humanitarian and philanthropic legacies is worthy of emulation to the core.
Every third Sunday of November, Umunna has marked that particular date to be empowering widows, widowers and orphans in Nigeria. This empowerment is always for both Christians and Muslims in Ajegunle.
His youths nurturing skills remain legendary in Ajegunle where Umunna gives much attention to youth development and capacity building over the years.
I must admit that I’m not fit to propose a toast to this great Nigerian clergy at 64.He has equally done well to bring the works of God to limelight .Once again, happy birthday sir, May God bless your new age in Jesus name Amen.


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