Bishop Leonard Umunna: An Exceptional Man of God with Credibility

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Bishop Umunna



“God’s own preachers are always unswerving with their callings”-Godday Odidi


One man of God in Africa that has remained unswerving with the things of God over the years is, Bishop Leonard Umunna, presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral.

He has created a household name in the gospel world by preaching undiluted word of God to believers and unbelievers across the globe.

Bishop Umunna has remained resolute to kingdom activities and always be  careful on national matters especially in the political season where many pastors are not spiritually guarded on issues that can bring their churches to war zone or persecution.

When it comes to ministerial credibility, Bishop Umunna is one man God that has laid glorious legacies for young preachers to emulate.

For those who are not very closed to the bishop might assume that, Gabrio or Mindset platform is always singing the praises of a man of God for pecuniary motive but he is one preacher  that always wants believers to match their words with action.

He has continued to maintain ministerial integrity and credibility over the years. He knows that heavenly calling is paramount of importance in this race. Bishop Umunna has graciously impacted lives positively in all ramifications.




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