Bishop Leonard Umunna: An Undiluted Preacher with God’s Wisdom

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Bishop Leonard Umunna


“Great people speak with Great Wisdom”-Godday Odidi

For the past few weeks now, several social media platforms have been awashed with tithing issue in our churches with many respected clergies in Nigeria voicing out their Pentecostal opinions but some few fiery ministers of God like Bishop Leonard Umunna, presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral, has kept silent on this issue for God to take his full course.

Gabriovoicenews is one medium platform that promotes spirit-filled soldiers of Jesus Christ in this end-time race with great passion. Bishop Leonard Umunna’s style of ministration only not promoting righteousness in God’s kingdom but also bringing legacy to the altar of God.

According to Bishop Umunna in one of the interviews granted by some selected journalists in Nigeria early this year, he said God has not told him to speak against fellow ministers of God on the media than praying for some who had fell out of God’s presence to repent.

As a clergy of such repute, I can’t speak against pastors but preach what God had sent me to do on earth. He is one man of God that is highly focused on how to win many souls for Christ and make heaven on the last days.

He believes that giving bountifully in God’s house also prevents enemies of progress not to be lord over our wealth as believers. He is one of the most cheerful philanthropists that has the mind of giving to the poor in life always.

Bishop Leonard has not deviated from his original calling of winning souls for Christ. What he did many years ago using bus preaching and morning cry to win souls still continue to be part of his ministerial assignment on earth. He remains a progressive preacher with integrity.





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