Bishop Leonard Umunna: Living a Faithful Legacy for Generation Unborn

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“Great People live good legacies for their children”.-Godday Odidi

One of the high-ranking ministers of God who had distinguished himself from Ajegunle city in ministry over the years, is Bishop Leonard Umunna,a man many consider as their mentor. For any growing Pentecostal church in Ajegunle, Bishop Umunna’s inputs are felt in all ramifications.

At least for every big and small churches filled with the presence of God in Ajegunle,Bishop Umunna has either mentored the founder in one way or the other and impacted its members positively at one point in time. Many worshippers from different Christian denominations in Ajegunle have attested to the grace of his lordship.

Bishop Umunna has fathered many sons and daughters and only few still acknowledged his fatherhood in ministry due to ministerial muscles and competitions that have eaten deep into the kingdom of God. In Bible Life Church Cathedral, Umunna has already trained sons and daughters to take over from him and to continue with his legacies in ministry if he is no more.

According to Bishop Umunna, I ‘m only interested in heavenly legacies not earthly commendations. I brought many ministerial innovations into the Pentecostal kingdom and today many Christians had benefitted from it over the years and till date.

Bishop Umunna is one man that thinks well for younger ministers to grow in life. Ministerial acknowledgements form larger part of this wonderful and brilliant servant of God who is crowned with many awards and laurels in life.

To crown it all, Bishop Umunna is a man of God with good heart and his legacies speak on for generation unborn.Ajegunle is blessed with a man that has heart of creativity and grassroots empowerment. He has brought creative leadership management skills into the Christian fold for the past 53 years on the pulpit.






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