Bishop Leonard Umunna:A Glorious Bonanza with Multiple Testimonies

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Bishop Umunna
Bishop Umunna



The Bible Life Church Cathedral 36th Annual convention and Bonanza 2017 has come and gone but the awesome testimonies that followed still in memories of those that attended the programme or viewed from the social media platform.

This year Bonanza was well-packaged from the platform design to sound systems which adored the beautification of the programme.The 4 straight Bonanza day ended with a glorious vigil where Bishop Leonard Umunna taught extensively on the word of God and how to be successful in 2018 with spirit-filled quotes of life.

On the day one of Bonanza, Bishop Umunna declared the service with victorious speech that brought liberation to the congregation. A creative drama was acted by BLCC drama department to showcase how parents can take care of their children in God’s way. The BLCC elegant choirs were not left out as they presented spirit-filled praises and worship throughout the 4 days to draw the power of God from heaven as members and non members received tremendous testimonies to the core.

The theme of this year Bonanza was ‘Greater Glory Manifestation ‘presented as ‘Heaven on Earth ‘cannot be easily forgotten in hurry as Lord’s servant researched deeply on the word of God through the Holy Spirit. The 40-page colourful magazine size heralded the activities of the Bonanza for 4 days including the coming 31st Victory to Victory Night. Themes of the Bonanza of each day; Touching the helm of His garment by faith, prophetic release from heaven for greater glory manifestation, solution by fire and greater glory night with a different experience.

This year Bonanza attracted many people from all walks of life not just members of Bible Life Church Cathedral worldwide. It was a programme created by God to reach out to the poor in mind and received everlasting salvation.

Bishop Leonard Umunna used the opportunity to teach the avid congregation on the principles of greatness and how to prepare creatively and spiritually in 2018.Special prayer points were offered to prepare the congregation for greater task ahead in 2018.

In conclusion, the annual 36th BLCC convention is one of the best that brought together ministerial innovations among choirs, ushers, usherettes and other departments of the church. It was a plus to Bishop Leonard Umunna whose intellectual integrity has helped in making BLCC as one of the best in Ajegunle and Africa. Bonanza has become a noble programme in Nigeria giving hope to mankind over the years till date.   




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