Bishop Leonard Umunna:A Man Of God Full Of Appreciation

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Bishop Leonard Umunna:A Man Of God Full Of Appreciation

Bishop Leonard Umunna

Bishop Leonard Umunna is a remarkable preacher known for his unwavering appreciation and innovative approach to ministry. Over the years, his genuine appreciation for those around him has endeared him to many, setting him apart from other preachers. This was evident at his recent 70th birthday celebration, where he humbly expressed gratitude to all the guests in attendance.

Despite reaching the milestone age of 70, Bishop Leonard Umunna continues to excel in both his ministerial work and business endeavors. His dedication to celebrating members every first month showcases his noble and compassionate heart, distinguishing him as a leader who truly values and uplifts those under his care. In Africa and beyond, Bishop Leonard Umunna’s unique blend of appreciation and innovation has left a lasting impact on all who have had the privilege of knowing him.


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