Bishop Leonard Umunna:A Man of God with Bold Ideas in Expanding God’s kingdom

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Bishop Leonard Umunna

“Creative leadership starts from taking new ideas from the new generational minds in life”-Godday Odidi

For the past 19years ago, I got born again as a believer, I had met handful ministers of God in my life but ever since I got closer to Bishop Leonard Umunna, the lead founder of Bible Life Church Cathedral, you hardly see him speaking from both sides but always stands by his words.
The gospel of Christ in this present era has become business of lies and fake packaging which ministerial values have been reduced to monetary gains and financial prophecies.
Bishop Leonard Umunna‘s bold ideas has continued to expand the kingdom of God with the additional freshness of ideas from his new generational youths.
As a listening preacher who believes that no idea is a waste, he has taken the advantage of training and retraining his youths for fresh ideas to move their future forward.
He does not play with youth talents and he prefers to invest largely on them than inviting great music stars and comedians to his church to perform their songs and jokes. He has become a man of God that keeps to his words always. His bold ideas have continued to give freshness to his pastors under his leadership over the years till date.


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