Bishop Leonard Umunna:A Man of God with Excellent Spirit in Ministry

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Bishop Umunna



Bishop Leonard Umunna is one of the old-time preachers that has over the years maintains ministerial status quo and legacy till date.

As the presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC), he has continued to preach undiluted word of God and deliverance to his members and non-members in Ajegunle.

It is only few of Bishop Umunna still waxing stronger in God’s vineyard and always loved by his members and pastors for creating unbeatable legacies in the ministry.

As a multi-award winning clergy whose intellectual and spiritual legacy cannot be faulted among top preachers and Bible scholars in Africa.

Bishop Umunna has become a voice that cannot be ignored when it comes to music and drama ministry.

His love for heavenly kingdom is legendary and Bishop Umunna has continued to use Christian drama to win souls for Christ. He is a generous man of God that is principled with the word of God.


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