Bishop Leonard Umunna:A Preacher With Extraordinary Legacies

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Bishop Leonard Umunna:A Preacher With Extraordinary Legacies

Bishop Leonard Umunna, founder of the Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC), has been a beacon of ministerial impartiality for the past years to date . His dedication to treating everyone equally, including his children, sets him apart in Africa. At 70, Bishop Umunna has led a life of purpose, focusing on heavenly pursuits rather than material wealth. His commitment to evangelism and preaching God’s word to both the downtrodden and believers has been unwavering.

Renowned for discovering talents in the creative industry, Bishop Umunna’s influence extends beyond the pulpit. His wish for Nigerian Nollywood actors and actresses to learn from the Christian movies showcased at the Bible Life Church Cathedral underscores his passion for nurturing talent. The global and local celebration of his 70th birthday is a testament to his profound impact on the lives of many.

Bishop Leonard Umunna’s unwavering faith and resilience against the forces of evil have solidified his reputation as a legendary preacher. His forward momentum in ministry and beyond speaks volumes about his enduring legacy.


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