Bishop Leonard Umunna:A Selfless Preacher with Large Heart

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Bishop Umunna

“We have many pastors but few preachers fulfilling biblical injunctions”-Godday Odidi


One of the Nigerian resourceful clergies whose legendary legacies continue to speak well for young clergies in Africa is Bishop Leonard Umunna, presiding bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC).

At his recent 64 birthday bash that was well-attended by crème da la crème of pastors across the globe, Bishop Umunna said for any faithful Christian to succeed in life, he or she must show great commitment to God’s works and services. He believes that poverty among church members can be eradicated if good ideas are put to use to prevent poverty virus among Christians in Africa.

He also elucidated on how he has able to sustain his income in this present economic quagmire being faced by Nigerians. Every successful clergy must listen to people around him if the ministry must grow globally.

His selfless ministration in the pulpit has helped many of his members over the years to be more proactive in managing economic crisis in Africa.

Bishop Leonard Umunna is one versatile preacher whose clerical experience is used in redefining and rebranding our modern churches and pastors in Africa.

His humanitarian contribution is awesome and always putting smiles on those who do not have money in life. His unassuming lifestyle cannot be comparable to the new generational preachers in the world. He remains a selfless preacher with Midas touch.  


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