Bishop Leonard Umunna:An Amazing Clergy with Reputation

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Bishop Umunna




15 days from now, Bishop Leonard Umunna will be marking his 64th birthday on earth in a grand style.

One of the reputable clergies I respect so much for the past five years I came closer as an image maker is Bishop Leonard Umunna,presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral, a church that is nurturing raw talents in Christ to fame.

In Ajegunle today, Bishop Leonard is not just creating humanitarian legacies for himself but nurturing a generation of youths to become great on earth and heaven.

His messages on the pulpit are centred on salvation, healing, prophecy and miracles and also passionate at teaching on marital and business principles which have helped many of his members to become millionaires and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Greatness is tucked in him and one spiritual clergy that respects for both old and young clergies in Africa.

At 64, Bishop Umunna has made great impacts in the educational sector and business world. He is worthy of emulation to the core.

He has made extraordinary legacies in ministry and business world where his magnanimous love for humanity is legendary.

Lastly, his ministerial calling has helped many to reshape their lives. Bishop Umunna is a man with reputation. 





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