Bishop Leonard Umunna:Set for Bonanza 2018 with Excellent Spirit

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Bishop Umunna

Bonanza is one of the annual programmes set aside by Bishop Leonard Umunna to liberate members and non-members from the slavery of the enemies over the years.

According to one of the interviews granted by journalists few years ago, Bishop Umunna said God gave him this noble vision towards the end of the year to celebrate Christians across Africa with unimaginable testimonies.

This year Bonanza theme is ‘Ruling and Slaying Giants’ and Bishop Umunna has assured all members of Bible Life Church Cathedral to open their hearts for miracles and healing power of God in their lives.

This Bonanza progamme has been in existence for over 36 years and many had received miracles, healings, victories, testimonies and uplift through the noble servant of God.




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