Bishop Leonard Umunna:Taking Evangelical Mission from Street to Street in Ajegunle

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The ongoing evangelical works from street to street in Ajegunle to win souls to Christ has elicited joy among Bible Life members and non-members across the globe.

For those that started ministry with Bishop Leonard Umunna over 40 years ago, will know that the founder is an advocate of street to street evangelism and morning cry.

He believes that ministerial work should not be depending on the traditional means of winning souls to Christ than going to the street to preach the raw messages to unbelievers.

Bible Life Church Cathedral is one ministry that is known globally for evangelical works that sometimes took the founder to several Asian countries where Jesus Christ is alien to them. But Bishop Leonard Umunna took the courage to preach the word of God and win many souls to Christ then.

In Ajegunle, where unholy businesses are taking over every street, the raw evangelical decision to create evangelical awareness through Bible Life Church song ministration is a good move in the right direction.

Bishop Leonard Umunna has become a great evangelical voice in Nigeria rescuing lost souls to Christ in recent times. He is a role model in Christ to emulate in Africa.



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