Bishop Umunna: A Consistent Preacher with Love for Evangelical growth in God’s Kingdom

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Bishop Umunna
Bishop Umunna



“Real Men of God work for heavenly things”-Godday odidi


Few times, I have been invited to some of the new generational churches as guest preacher and media coordinator, hardly these generational preachers call for congregational repentance than just prophesying without teaching deeply into the word of God.

It is sad that the kingdom of God that ought to be winning souls for heaven now towering the path of worldliness and unrighteousness messages from the altar.

It is fast-becoming clearer that the so-called generational preachers lack counseling from the old time preachers like Bishop Leonard Umunna whose calling for the past 54 years has remained unstoppable in the sands of time.

Bishop Leonard Umunna,the presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral(BLCC) and multiple award-winning clergy is one preacher that has remained consistent with the undiluted word of God in Africa.

At 65, Bishop Umunna knows that the only place that the word of God cannot be faulted is heaven and his commitment in raising great soldiers for the Lord over the years remains a golden grace in his life.

His evangelical commitment to soul-winning has earned him respect among his fellow old-time preachers in Africa.

No matter how soaks with the power of God or congregational excitement, Bishop Leonard Umunna must call for altar call as a way to lead sinners to Christ. He remains a servant of God that cares for sinners’ souls on earth.





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