Bishop Umunna: A Trailblazer in God’s Kingdom

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“Those who add value to humanity will continue to make headlines in the media”-Godday Odidi



If you listen to every Sunday message of Bishop Leonard Umunna on facebook live or attend as a worshipper, you will see how members are eager to receive freshness from the pulpit.

Have you wondered how those who started with him 38 years ago in the ministry still worshipping in Bible Life Church Cathedral? There is no magic wand in him but he has able to start his calling with integrity and faithfulness. Only few of Bishop Umunna still waxing stronger in God’s kingdom in Africa.

By June 2020, Bishop Umunna will be 66 years old on earth and he is not afraid of life.

According to him, God has never failed me since I started serving Him and I will continue to preach the raw truth to my congregation.

As a trailblazer, Bishop Umunna has positively affected lives at all levels through sports, religion and humanity.

We only have few of Bishop Umunna preaching undiluted messages to their congregation now.

He keeps receiving awards from different organizations in Nigeria and Africa. He has been playing critical roles in preaching rich gospel of Christ.

If the Federal Government can take time to listen to his advice on how to be useful to its citizens, the country would be globally honoured and recognized.





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