Bishop Umunna doubles 64th birthday celebration, as he launches music album/ story of his life

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Founder and presiding bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC), Bishop Leonard Umunna recently marked his 64th birthday bash with a new musical album and story of his life. It was a galaxy of members of Bible Life Church who were spiritually nurtured by the anointed clergy that graced the event.

While preaching to the congregation, Bishop Umunna took his scriptural references from Proverbs 24:11-15 and 1 Timothy1:19 and tagged his topic as ‘my candid advice for nowadays Christians’ said for any Christian to survive in this turbulent economic quagmire, he or she must have financial discipline,self-control,avoid negative thought, be visionary and be prayerful always.

As a Christian you must know your weak point in life. Devil takes advantage of our weak points and strike with callous forces to bring us down at all cost. Christians must live exemplary lifestyles that unbelievers must emulate. Our negative thought can affect our physical lives if not controlled through prayers and self-disciplined as true believers of Christ.

Umunna said to be an outstanding Christian on earth, you must put Jesus Christ first in everything you do in life. God has been faithful to me for the past 64years on earth and making me to be gradually fulfilling God’s purpose in my life.

This musical album is a special praise live performance and story of my life was produced by ACBN TV, one of the Christian TV programmes in Nigeria that profiled the story of my life. Music heals the soul and God told me few years ago that he would double me as a preacher and gospel artist, today that purpose has been fulfilled in my life.

“I don’t believe in living as an old man on earth but fulfilling God’s purpose is a vital tool in one’s life. It is not how old you live that matters but how well you live that matters”.

Varieties of programmes like drama, debate, football match, quiz competition choreography, comedy and music performance were displayed. Winners of each of the competition (IST, 2nd and 3rd positions) were given trophies and medals by Bishop Leonard Umunna and as he also thanked everybody that honoured the event. Light refreshment was served to the congregation.    



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