Bishop Umunna Marks 65th Birthday Bash in Joyous Mood, as Pastors and Members Celebrate his Greatness in Ministry

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-Guests and Bible Life Youths Shower Encomiums on him


The Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC), Bishop Leonard Umunna recently marked his 65th birthday bash in a joyous mood as pastors and members celebrate his greatness in ministry. It was a huge excitement as encomiums elicited the arena with prayers and longevity in calling and grace.

According to Bishop Leonard Umunna,the International Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral and accomplished businessman with reputation, while giving a brief sermon on’ Wisdom House to Wisdom bank’ which scriptural reference was taken from Proverbs 4:7 said believers must be wise in taking concrete decisions that will rebuild their life careers and destinies. God does not create Christians to be poor on earth but how we commit our lives to Him determine how far we go in life.

“At 65, God has been giving me wisdom on earth to live healthy lifestyle and always forgive in advance. Such proactive measures have helped me spiritually and physically to build my life in ministry till date.”

Bishop Umunna added that wisdom has helped him in rebuilding and resetting Bible Life Church Cathedral to a heavenly standard not world own. I prefer living an enduring legacy to flamboyant legacy, he said.

It was a moment of celebrating Bishop Umunna as an argumentative debate was presented to the church on ‘Women are best financial managers than Men’. It was a debate that enlightened the church on how both couples can be best financial managers in managing the home affairs. Bishop Umunna said listening to both argumentative debaters, no victor, no vanguish, all points raised are vital to the debate.

Speaking further, he said financial management depends on each couple’s background and education. He said wealth creation depends on how people manage and save their resources for crucial projects. All winners of the debate were presented with trophies and prizes by Bishop Leonard Umunna.

Other side attractions were drama presentation by Bible Life drama team, reading of Bishop Umunna’s profile, choir ministration and special choreography. Cash gifts were presented to his lordship as a way of appreciating his 65th birthday bash. Guests and members were served with light refreshment and assorted drinks.


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