Blessing Obomovo: A Trailblazer in Modern-Day Politics

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Blessing Obomovo


“Every youth leadership has a youth achievement”-Godday Odidi

Over the time, I have personally engaged this young Chief Executive Officer of  Standout Properties Limited and multiple award-winning entrepreneur, Mr.Blessing Obomovo whose professional entrepreneurial leadership in building industry and grassroots humanitarian services, particularly in sports and education, is called for grassroots representation at the Delta State House of Assembly in 2019.

As 2019 elections get nearer, the Nigerian youth are fed of old-time politicians whose interest to make youths as political thugs while making themselves as semi-gods in the polity.

Generally in Isoko nation, the pendulum of politics is gradually shifting from godfatherism to active youth participation where the youth will decide the fate of politics in the Isokoland come 2019 with their registered PVCs.

Time is against the old-time politicians who once played politics of godsons than allowing credible people to lead Isoko nation to the Promised Land.

With the kind of grassroots supporters and loyal friends being surrounded with Blessing Obomovo on regular basis, shows that his humanitarian services is felt by the people always. His philanthropic support cannot be taken for granted in both Isoko South and North Local Government Areas of Delta State over the years.

We in Mindset platform have decided to use this medium to support youthful leadership in Isokoland whose source of wealth can be traceable like other youthful achievers in Africa.

Blessing Obomovo is one young man who is determined to change the face of Isoko North constituency in 2019 if voted into the Delta State House of Assembly. His manifestoes and views are straightforward to the core.

One thing about this creative politician is that is loved by the ordinary Isoko North people and ready to make his mandate visible in 2019.

He is not an elitist youth that wants to make himself popular to the people but only interested in creating visible leadership if elected in 2019.

To sum it all, Blessing Obomovo is a man that is loyal to grassroots politics and leaders in Isoko.He does not compromised when it comes to grassroots representation and believes in God’s direction towards his mandate. His entrepreneurial leadership is enough to give Isoko North Constituency a better leadership representation in 2019.




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