Blessing Obomovo: Set to Redefine Legislative Politics in Delta State House of Assembly

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Blessing Obomovo


“Quality Leadership comes with great price”-Godday Odidi

Among all the PDP aspirants set to slug it out for Isoko North Constituency of Delta State House of Assembly comes 2019, Builder Blessing Obomovo is one man whose entrepreneurial pedigree has what it takes to become  a resourceful legislator in the state. If political actors and gladiators decide to shop for credible candidates in PDP ahead of 2019 elections, then the party is ready to make political history in Delta State.

Legislative business or law making should be decided by those with creative mindset to lead Isoko nation to the Promised Land.

It is unfortunate in Isoko that the young minds that ought to campaign against recycled politicians are first to support these frenetic political warlords that refuse to retire from active politics in the land.

The political history of Isoko nation shows that those that were elected into political offices from 1999 till date never had any political experience before PDP as a ruling political party then reach consensus to vote for these impenitent politicians that refused to leave progressive politics when the ovation is the loudest in Isokoland.

It is sad that Isoko North is big enough to have two constituencies; Isoko North Constituency 1 and Isoko North Constituency 11 so that people can fully make their choices to get the best candidates through open ballot voting without political complicity among the ruling cabals.

Blessing Obomovo is not the youngest political player that has indicated his interest to run on the platform of PDP but other political neophytes have what it take to make Isoko North Constituency be the best among other constituencies in Delta State.

Those rooting for Blessing Obomovo are mostly youths in Isoko North that are fed of retrogressive and ambiguous politics that has impoverished the electorate over the years.

As a building entrepreneur, Blessing Obomovo has the political architectural capacity to bring formidable representation to Isoko North Constituency if elected as a state legislator comes 2019.

The issue of some elements describing the like of Blessing Obomovo as a new political entrant without experience is just a political gimmicks to undermine the potentiality that is bestowed on this creative entrepreneur with professional integrity. It is God that decides the political fate of any aspirant in the race comes 2019.


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