Blessing Obomovo:A Better Man For A Better Grassroots Leadership in Delta State

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Blessing Obomovo



“Great People invest massively in the lives of people known and unknown to them-Godday Odidi”

For the past eight months, I became a close friend to Mr. Blessing Obomovo; his humanitarian legacies show that, he is one young man that knew how he started and how God made him to escape poverty in life. He is still striving hard to reach his pinnacle of destiny but always contented with his present status. His popularity on the social media equates his popularity in real grassroots politics and sports in Delta State.

Mr. Blessing Obomovo is popularly called by friends and admirers as ‘Builder’ which nickname is synonymous to his entrepreneurial progress in life over the years. His entrepreneurial and political humility is not just legendary to Isoko politics but Nigeria as a whole.

In Mindset Media Limited and, one of our major works is profiling people with entrepreneurial and humanitarian leadership capacity and Blessing Obomovo is one man that recently caught the pen of Mindset media whose love for entrepreneurial creativity can’t be faulted in Nigeria.

Late last year when Blessing Obomovo told me he wants to run for Delta State House of Assembly under the platform of the PDP, though, I outrightly rejected the move because real committed aspirants like this had never be given opportunity to contest in free and fair elections but when I saw the high profile comments and visible grassroots achievements of this young man on the social media in Delta State, I knew he was ready to give Isoko North constituency credible leadership if given the ticket to fly in 2019.

Though, many from Isoko North constituency have indicated interest in such similar position under the two notable political parties (PDP&APC) but Obomovo’s aspiration continues to draw the attention of Isoko handful of youths that want radical revolution to unseat capitalist politicians in Isoko.According to Blessing Obomovo, It is time for youths to indicate interest to run for political offices to secure their future.

In grassroots sports development and educational empowerment in Delta State,he has creatively done well to give hope to many youths in Isoko over the years.

Blessing Obomovo was never born with a silver spoon and as a young village boy who grew up in the means of necessity and never allowed his rough background to determine his glorious future than burying his head in the good books of history.Today,the village boy has become a city builder giving architectural values for clients across Africa.

He attended James Welch Grammar School,Emevour and later proceeded to Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu State where he studied Building Technology, as a young man that has love for education, later proceeded to University of Ibadan for his Masters Degree in Housing Development and Management. Having worked with some blue-chip companies in Lagos as site engineer, he decided to set up his own company as Standout Properties Limited, one of the fast-growing companies in Housing Development and Management that is giving architectural values for many homes in Nigeria and Africa.

Blessing Obomovo came to Lagos few years ago to search for greener pasture, having graduated from the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu State, with a good grade, he decided to wait for God’s divine time in his life.

Perhaps, Blessing Obomovo never had anybody at the top to fix him in any of the blue-chip companies in Lagos but his sound curriculum vitae and creativity saw him being loved by one Isoko legal professional, who saw greatness tucked in him and decided to give him a trial in housing management. As a young man, who is determined to succeed at all odds, never allowed such opportunity to slip off from him but decided to prove to his God-sent destiny helper that the CV you saw with me was never a Toronto or Chicago certificate but I burnt midnight candles and devoid of campus lifestyle to get this result.

Moreover, as a young man full of life and passion for building development and he decided to give his destiny helper the best services any professional builder can offer to his or her client all over the world till date.

Today, Blessing Obomovo has become a cynosure of all young Isokolites that want to take Building Technology as a course in the university or polytechnic in Nigeria. His stake in grassroots sports is prominently recognized by all youths in Delta State and beyond. He never had the premonition that one day his name will become a ringing tone in both the social and the conventional media in Nigeria.

His recent ambition to join the leagues of young politicians to unseat the old political war horses in Delta State received massive political accolades from the grassroots and friends equally felt he is one of the most qualified aspirants that have the grassroots at heart. His source of livelihood is also traceable and it is not as if he is coming to milk Isoko North constituency funds dry.

If Secondus Uche, the current PDP National Chairman can hinge on his political promises when he visited Delta State recently that all political aspirants must go into the field to test their popularity, then Obomovo is one of the choices that can be tested without second thought.

In conclusion, Blessing Obomovo has received several philanthropic and humanitarian awards based on his closeness to the grassroots over the years. If the PDP primaries are duly conducted as the PDP National Chairman has promised to Deltans recently, then the like of Obomovo and others are ready to fly the party tickets with integrity in their various constituencies in the state. Blessing Obomovo remains a man after God’s heart in grassroots sports development in Delta State.





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