Boladek@50:A Detribalized Grassroots Entrepreneur cum Philanthropist with Good Heart

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“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I m large, I contain multitudes”-Walt Whitman

For the past five years ago when I was officially introduced to Mr.Rasheed Bola Adekunle by my intimate friend,Mr.Okolosi Richard on his philanthropic legacies in Ifelodun Local Council Development area of Lagos State, his magnitude of love towards Mindset Media Limited and Gabriovoicemagazine growth remains great.

In 2013, Mindset Media Limited nominated him for an award and in 2015 and 2017 respectively, he was nominated for two awards for his continuous philanthropic and humanitarian services to the community.

Boladek needs no introduction in Ifelodun lCDA because his philanthropic inputs are felt among the poor. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Boladek Global Investments Nigeria Ltd.He is one faithful entrepreneur that has been running the Nigeria betting business with credibility. He has over 15 betting outlets with sizeable staff strength in Ajegunle.

At 50, Boladek has affected many Nigerians over the years. He is one man that believes so much on creative and excellent leadership in Africa.

He grew up in Ajegunle and never allowed the environment to determine his future in life.Boladek believes in community growth and development and not partisan to Nigeria politics but always wants to see  the best hands being elected into power.

Once, again, happy birthday sir, God will continue to bless your new age in Jesus name amen.






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