Business Can only Succeed When You are Ready to Take Risk-Chief Okaruefe

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Hon(Chief)Raphael Egaga Okaruefe,CEO/MD Ben-Vick Technical Services Limited

Managing Director of Ben-Vick Technical Services Limited and Vice-Chairman Isoko South, Chief Raphael Okaruefe, has explained why Business can succeed if you are ready to take risk, noting that business is all about exploring new areas to boost the business.

Speaking with at his residence in Lagos recently, said there are three risk strategies; risk seeker, risk neutral and risk adverse. Risk seeker makes an entrepreneur successful in life. Most businesses fail because some entrepreneurs are not ready to explore in new areas rather doing the same things that cannot grow the business.

We need to separate education from wealth. You can be educated as a person and not having business techniques to grow a business, he added.


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