Callistus Okhaishie: A Serial Marine Entrepreneur with Credibility

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One renowned marine entrepreneur that is passionate about entrepreneurial excellence in Africa is, Captain Callistus Okhaishie, Managing Director of Regad Star Nigeria Limited and Regad Star Properties.

Having received several awards to his credit, Captain Okhaishie is a much disciplined personality that has nuance for business integrity and creativity.

The birth of RS Farmers Market which was the idea of his beloved wife, Mrs.Stella Okhaishie and he reformed it into digital marketing system that has global and local customers.

As a trained marine consultant with professional skills, he has able to create brand in the property industry over the years.

Captain Okhaishie is one man with focus in leadership and business development. He has traversed to many countries of this world to get exponential idea on modern businesses like RS Farmers Market.

The first time I got to know Captain Okhaishie, he asked me these pertinent questions, what can you do for us and how much? I smiled and I replied that Mindset Media is all about image making in business on the digital and conventional world.

Today, Regad Star Nigeria Limited has become a noble company in Africa with creative team.

With the trend RS Farmers Market is gaining ground shows Captain Okhaishie is not just a marine entrepreneur but a man that has insight of business expansion.




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