Callistus Okhaishie: An Innovative Marine Entrepreneur with Love for Excellent Services to Clients

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Captain Callistus


“Building legacy in providing quality services to clients is a choice”-Godday Odidi


Having met several wealthy entrepreneurs who started from poor background to riches that are still maintaining integrity and credibility in business is few when compare to the high state of mendaciousness that has greeted our present businesses in Nigeria.

Many people pray for God to give them wealth and connection, as these earthly things surface, their hidden characters come up with pride and assault on the poor people whom they once benefitted from.

Captain Callistus Okhiashie is an Edo-born Marine entrepreneur cum spirit-filled preacher that knows the value of business and education in life.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Regad Star Nigeria Limited that deals on offshore oil and gas industry over the years, he has built a strong business legacy and link that cut across the African countries.

Having trained in several recognized international institutions on marine leadership and offshore oil and gas industry, Captain Okhaishie has putting on his best to see that Regad Star Nigeria Limited employs professionals to make the brand of the company reputable in  Africa.

Any business dealings with Captain Okhaishie from the marine industry to the oil and gas industry to the farming business to real estate is saved and secured. He is a brand to identify with in business creativity and development.

He remains a marine entrepreneur that knows how to provide quality services in the oil and gas industry to clients. Professionalism and competence speaks well of Regad Star Nigeria Limited in Nigeria.




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