Callistus Okhaishie:A Man that has love for Excellent Business Skills in Africa

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Callistus Okhaishie:A Man that has love for Excellent Business Skills in Africa.

In 2020,Mindset media Limited has decided to promote and award those that value integrity like Captain Callistus Okhaishie, co-founder RS Farmers market,one of the fast-growing fresh food supermarkets in Africa.He is an entrepreneur that keeps to his words.For the past one year we came in contact with each other,I saw tenacity and sincerity in his business dealings and very firm.RS Farmers market is gaining business ground in Lekki area where customers go for high taste and RS Farmers market is equal to the task.As a trained marine expert,he knows how to navigate his business skills to more creative ones for significant results.My dealings with him in media business has yeilded good result and beyond.Mindset media admires his growth in the farming and estate business.Recently,he was invited to a non-governmental organization to support the needy,he was passionate about the project and he did his widow mite support too.One good thing about Captain Okhaishie,both couple reason in the same direction to help the poor.He is a brand in entrepreneurship and humanity and ready to expand his business frontier to a global level.He is not afraid to dare into areas where others cannot dare into because of the unknown.He is a man with large heart for business greatness and expansion.


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