Callistus Okhaishie:A Seasoned Marine Entrepreneur cum Humanitarian Preacher with Legacies

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Captain Callistus



“A progressive entrepreneur impacts greatly on the lives of young entrepreneurs after him”-Godday Odidi


One of the resourceful and enterprising marine entrepreneurs I have met recently that has compassion for humanitarian capacity is Captain (Pastor)Callistus Okhaishie, Managing Director, Regad Star Nigeria Limited and award-winning preacher with Midas touch.

With the few times I had studied this great marine entrepreneur whose love for humanitarian development is extremely excellent to the core.

His love for fresh farming business in Nigeria has made him recently to sell the adorable vision to his dear wife, Mrs.Stella Okhaishie to boost the farming business in Africa.

As a devoted preacher cum marine captain who believes so much in business consistency and integrity, he has able to create marine values that endear him to great entrepreneurs, clergies and politicians around the world.

With the torrents of comments on the social media platform particularly Facebook on regular basis, Callistus Okhaishie has created an entrepreneurial legacy where followers see him as a role model in leadership development.

Having travelled to several countries for academic and entrepreneurial trainings, Captain Callistus has excellently distinguished himself from his peers by giving his congregation undiluted word of God.

He is one marine entrepreneur that has entrepreneurial charisma with love for humanity in Africa.RS Farmers Market becomes a sought after market in Lagos because of his innovative drive of building a new business into conglomerate in the next five years. He remains a man after God’s heart.




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