Charles Alakpa: A Young Philanthropic Icon with Passion for Entrepreneurial Leadership

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“Giving is a gift”-Godday Odidi


As I was going through my facebook timeline today, I saw a post commending the philanthropic gesture of Mr.Charles Alakpa and wife on snail farming support to one of the local farmers in Delta State.

I was not perplexed because Mr.Charles is known for humanitarian services and political creativity in Isoko South and Delta State.

As a serial entrepreneur with love for humanity, Mr.Charles has been actively involved in grassroots politics and empowering both young and old minds for greater exploits in life.

He came into politics to affect lives positively and which he has been doing in Isokoland for the past years.

Mr.Charles Alakpa is a seasoned politician that has knack for business and building people for bigger investments.

According to him, I was advised by one of my political bosses to be involved in grassroots politics and today, Delta politics has opened my eyes to real politics of life.

He added that even though I don’t hold any political office in Delta State now, I know how the game is being played at the local and State levels.

When it comes to political competence and shrewdness, Charles is a trusted ally that is ready to stand for any political leader that has foresight in political matters in the State.

His outspokenness and quintessence in politics is second to none in Delta State politics. He is educationally sound to the core. He remains a young politician to rely on in life.





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