Charles Alakpa:The Young Man Behind Eagle Eyesight Security Service and Charles Express Business

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One of the young men that is greatly doing well in entrepreneurial leadership in Delta State since 2014 is Mr.Charles Alakpa, a daring entrepreneur that has knack for business excellence and job creation.He has graciously diversified into several businesses to increase his daily incomes from mini business transit to fish ponds,dredging and poetry farming.
Charles Alakpa is a strong business personality who wants to create more jobs for youths and adults in Africa.Eagle Eyesight Security Service is a professional security company that provides security services to companies and individuals in Nigeria.His bouncers are well-trained to combat any domestic security threat in events or homes.
Come to Charles Express Business-Fish farm,this company has grown into poetry farming to dredging and now mini- buses transit.
With the few times,I spoke with Charles Alakpa via online,I saw creative tenacity tucked in him and he is ready to create more jobs as his companies continue to grow locally and globally.He is one man that hates to fail in business and always wants to explore on new areas he can make huge profits.He is an entrepreneur that has foresight for growth and development.If you patronize any of his companies,you will not regret.He values integrity, accountability, creativity and productivity.He has the best security company in Africa.


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