Chima Bartholomew: A Young Selfless Philanthropist with Magnanimous Heart

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Chima Francis



“Giving is a gift”-Godday Odidi


In life, some selfless philanthropists are born and others are made but Mr. Francis Chima Bartholomew popularly called as’Omobarca’ is made of these two products of humanity in Africa.

As a avid writer over the years, mostly promoting Ajegunle philanthropists, politicians, clergies and others through Mindset platform, hardly I have ever seen such young magnanimous philanthropist who make vows and promises to artists in public functions and fulfil them immediately to the people.

His kind of philanthropic support is unique and different from other philanthropists in Ajegunle.He is not giving you money to praise him but to solve your immediate needs in life.

When the popular Ajegunle reggae crooner, Raymond King lost his beloved mother, he was constantly announcing the burial ceremony on facebook,little did I  know that burial ceremony was the set time for Mr.Richard Akagbue’s son popularly called as’L2 Danny to receive his cash blessings from Omobarca,a philanthropist that give out cash without second thought.

I never believed as a grassroots publisher and author until I met Mr. Richard Akagbue, the father of L2 Danny at home, who told me personally that #500,000 cash was credited to his account after 6hours Omobarca made the pronouncement of the cash promise to his son. He made other handsome donations at the burial ceremony that were all fulfilled to the people.

In 2017, I hosted Mindset 7th awards and book launch at Sunfit Hotels in Festac Town where many notable people including men of God I respected so much graced the event and made stupendous promises and vows, for the past four months now, Mindset is yet to collect their vows and promises with several excuses of President Buhari’s government.Sometimes,when promises and vows are not fulfilled in life, it affects the planning life of the host or convener of such event.

Again, the Holy Bible told us about making vows without fulfilling them in life.Omobarca is one young man that knows the value of fulfilling vows to the expectants.Omobarca is not a pulpit preacher or Bible scholar but fulfilling vows and promises to people has dominate his lifestyle where everybody in Ajegunle wants to identify with him.

Omobarca was born on August 18, 1983 to an average family in Ajegunle and became generous in life, having seen the four walls of poverty that almost truncated his life. Growing up in Ifelodun area of Ajegunle, he knew what violence means but never joined evil gangs to unleash terror on innocent Ifeloduners than working assiduously to eradicate poverty from his family.

Precisely, in Ajegunle some people still doubt his source of wealth and philanthropic display to the poor. He believes that giving to the downtrodden in largesse will help in reducing poverty in Ajegunle.His kind of giving is not an ant giving but elephant giving that makes human beings happy in life.

At 8, L2 Danny has seen #500,000 cash being credited to his account as a little dancer whose future is bright. His father discovered his talent early and decided to put it to use. In Ajegunle, L2 Danny is one of the fast-rising kid dancers making Ajegunle community great in life.

At present, Omobarca is one of the faithful philanthropists keeping promises and vows alive in Ajegunle community who treats his personal family as others without preferential treatment in wealth distribution.

No wonder today in Ajegunle, respected politicians, artists and other professional groups always want to see him for financial support that is real. He does not give financial support in disguise or wants to receive anything in return.

At his recent house warming where big-wig politicians and artists in Ifelodun were invited to witness the occasion, he made it clear to everybody that giving to the poor is a divine call and passion from God.

He is not as rich as other Ajegunle philanthropists that I have met in life as a writer cum publisher but he thinks for the poor people first before himself as an entrepreneur. He has given hope to many Ajegunle artists and people over the years without involving in grassroots politics.

Mr. Francis Chima Bartholomew is the Chief Executive Officer of ChimFrancee Ventures, a company that deals on import and export of goods and services in Africa and abroad.

According to Mr.Jerry Timipre Onowosafe, one of the intimate friends of Omobarca said his boss is a stupendous and magnanimous giver with large heart for humanitarian services in Africa. He wants everybody around him to put smiling faces always in life.

Lastly, Omobarca has become a household name in Ajegunle giving philanthropic services to the poor. He remains a philanthropist with large heart for grassroots development. His love for humanity is exceptional to the core.





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