Chris Charles: A Renowned Deliverance Preacher cum Entrepreneurial Teacher with Midas touch

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Pastor Chris Charles



“Great people always come from the ghetto city”-Godday Odidi


For the past 10 years ago, I have been following the wonderful works of this great Ajegunle-born entrepreneurial teacher cum deliverance preacher, Pastor Chris Charles, founder Worldwide Christian Centre (WCC) whose messages have helped in shaping the lives of many youths and adults in Ajegunle and beyond.

It was thrice I heard Pastor Chris Charles preached at Rev.Kingsley Albert church in 2013 when he was marking his 40th birthday bash, Bishop Matthew Omodiagbe of Liberation Word Ministries International and his church when he was still in Okoya area then.

His ministry over the years has focused on deliverance and entrepreneurship where souls are won for Christ and being taught on how to be successful through creative business ideas in life.

Until I met one of his adopted sons in the Lord in person of Pastor Roland.A Prince, lead Pastor of Havilah Christian Centre at Camp  that personally told me the good things that the Lord is using the lead Pastor of Worldwide Christian Centre to help humanity and the gospel of Christ in Ajegunle.

I was shocked when he told me about Pastor Chris Charles philanthropic legacies in ministry and then, as a renowned blogger and writer, I probed into his facebook page of the said preacher to listen to some of his facebook live messages and I was really impressed that God bless Ajegunle with wonderful preachers like this.

I promised Pastor Roland.A Prince to take on his mentor on the platform of and Mindset Media Limited.

One thing that cut my attention to this great preacher of our time in Ajegunle was his outspokenness in entrepreneurial leadership where believers are taught to be self- independent than depending on prayers only without work.

As a trained and anointed deliverance minister, he has not deviated from his calling and always caring for his flocks and pastors around him.

It is hard for pastors or members to complain about his negative side of Pastor Chris Charles in ministry rather praising his good works in the Lord. He practices what he preaches on the pulpit and his disciplinary attitude has earned him many accolades across the globe. He has fathered many sons and daughters in the Lord.

Worldwide Christian Centre is one of the mega churches in Ajegunle preaching salvation, deliverance and success tips always.

Pastor Chris Charles is a man of God that listens and always happy correcting sons and daughters that are ready to change from their bad attitudes to good attitudes in ministry.

He is not just a renowned preacher in Africa or Ajegunle but one man of God that knows how he started ministry from the scratch to fame. His programmes are well-packaged and anointed at all levels.

Finally, Pastor Chris Charles is one of the leading preachers in Ajegunle that has lived a good life style without ministerial allegations on him over the years. He has duly paid his price in ministry works and also helping young general overseers to rise up like him in life.

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