Chris Charles: Digging Deep into Teaching Financial Freedom to his Members

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Pastor Chris Charles


“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”-2 Timothy 2:15

After I made a researched publication on the personality of Pastor Chris Charles, founder, Worldwide Christian Centre(WCC) cum serial entrepreneur, I had a conversation with him on his facebook messenger to meet him on the 5th of May,2019 at his office by 7:30am before his Sunday service commenced.

As a media personality that has been profiling many young and old generational preachers in Africa and beyond, I knew the value of time and I was there before 7:30am and I walked straight to the Church auditorium with my Pastor’s friend (Evang.Benjamin Igoh,Founder Wazobia Widows Foundation of Ajegunle) who accompanied me to the church.

Few minutes later, I called on one of the ushers to register my presence to see their Daddy in the Lord. There was not much ministerial interrogation from the usher but few minutes later, I was accompanied by one of the personal Daddy’s ushers to his reception office opposite to the main office.

At about 7:35am, Pastor Chris Charles came smartly and gorgeously into his office with some of his pastors and he received me with a warm heart in his reception office. Even pleading to me to be patient with him that he has some ministers’ meeting that clashed with the stipulated time he told me to see him.

At that moment, I saw greatness not just tucked in him but his humility and personality trait convinced me that he is a man of God that has capacity to lead believers to heaven.

At about 15minutes later, Pastor Chris Charles told one of the pastors to take me to the church auditorium on the front seat. I saw each group of ministers praying fervently to prepare for the main service of the day.

It reminded me of Mountain of Fire Ministries International style of worshipping on Sunday services. It was now dawn on me that Worldwide Christian Centre was a church that preaches salvation and how to be prosperous as Christians on earth.

As the service about to commence fully, Daddy sent his pastor to call me to his office and I was accompanied by my pastor’s friend (Benjamin Igoh).His office was well-furnished to the core.

He asked me some few questions on Mindset Media Limited/ progress and I was very elated for such questions and how to grow large in the media world.

It was nice having a meeting with Pastor Chris Charles but I was impressed to fellowship with him that Sunday with my friend.

No doubt, he is a good preacher and a motivator of the 21st century. He has a large congregation that believes in his divine calling over the years.

First, his dear wife (Pastor Mrs.Julie Charles) stepped into the pulpit to charge up the congregation for the breakthrough service.

When Daddy stepped into his flourishing pulpit that is filled with the Holy Ghost with his message (“faith for Changing Impossible Situations Mark 9:26).The congregation were elated and blessed with the message.

I listened vividly in every word spoken by him and I was blessed and fulfilled on that Sunday.

He is a great Ajegunle preacher whose intellectual and spiritual commitment has earned many accolades among young and old preachers in the world.

He said something during his ministration that he is called to preach salvation and humanity but no matter how important an invitation is extended to him outside his church, he cannot make him missed his Sunday service. He is a renowned preacher with proven integrity and a man of God with credibility.

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