Christians Should Be Closer to God as Before Says Bishop Umunna

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Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) and King of Christian drama, Bishop Leonrad Umunna has called on all faithful believers (Christians) to be closer to God as before, adding that satanic kingdom has devised a new strategy of killing Christians in Nigeria with no empathy.

While preaching to the congregation that came to pray their way out on the HolyGhost fire night (Good Friday), Bishop Umunna said the devil has devised a new perfected tactics of making the country a blood-letting ground and 2018 is a year of testing and 2019 will be a year of fire, only truthful Christians that are dedicated to God will survive the political leadership of the country.

It was a night of exposing the kingdom of darkness as Bishop Leonard Umunna prayed against evil attacks being perpetrated by some evil people that derive joy in wasting of human lives for no just cause. As the heat of the prayers continued, a demon on assignment to kill the man of God was publicly exposed and delivered from the kingdom of darkness.

Bishop Umunna admonished Christians in Nigeria to focus on God and always allowing the Holy Spirit to dwell in their hearts. Demons don’t listen to just speaking in tongues if there is no fire of God in you. It is the fire in you as a believer that makes the demon bow immediately.

Explaining further that Christians must watch and pray against the devices of the devil and be faithful in His presence. If you are truly connected with God as a believer, heaven is fully assured on the last days, he said.





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