Coca Cola Foundation Supports ACI on Recyclespay Educational Project

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-The project will be taken across all locations in Nigeria-CCF

-Waste management is big business in Africa now-AlexGreat

-Empty plastic bottles are paying our children school fees-Parents


African Cleanup Initiative is one of the fastest-growing NGOs in Africa creating massive awareness on waste management and how it can solve both educational and economic challenges at present.

This formidable initiative was founded by Mr.AlexGreat Akhigbe, a trained environmental entrepreneur who started the Recyclespay educational project 14 months ago and it was officially launched at Isrina school in Ajegunle,Lagos.

According to him, waste management is big business and parents are now testifying how empty plastic bottles are paying their children school fees. It is a dream comes true in my life.

He said 10 years ago I started this dream and today is paying off as corporate bodies are buying into the project.Ajegunle is my first home and this project must start from here. Pupils can buy their textbooks and register via recyclespay educational project.

Some of the corporate sponsors and guests also commended Mr.AlexGreat Akhigbe on the good works of creating sources for low-income parents to pay their children school fees. God would continue to protect you for us, they prayed.

Lepacious Bose,a renowned female comedian cracked some jokes to encourage parents and pupils to know the value of education in Africa.

Parents also testified how recyclespay educational project has reduced their stress of paying their children school fees.

Hon. Solomon Aboluwodi,Ajeromi-Ifelodun Education Secretary was amazed with this kind of project and  advised the founder of this initiative to remain focus. God would continue to reward him.

Coca Cola Foundation is the brain behind this recyclespay educational project that would be taken to different locations in Nigeria.

There were galaxy of dignitaries in attendance and the highpoint of the event was the official launch of recyclespay educational project.






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