Cooplag Expo has exposed my business to New Customers in Lagos-Mrs.Okhaishie

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Mrs.Stella Okhaishie is the Managing Director of RS Farmers Market and one African faithful woman that believes in the creative passion of her beloved husband. After many years as a trained and experienced fashion and design, she diversified into ordinary shop business to digital supermarket store that deals on fresh food in Nigeria which was newly established at Victoria Island, Lagos, 4 months ago, ably supported by her husband, a trained marine consultant cum spirit-filled preacher. She is a dedicated woman of God with passion for heavenly kingdom pursuit. In this exclusive chat with Gabriovoice Magazine, she spoke on the positive effect of Cooplag Expo trade fair to her fresh food business and other issues.


Let’s meet you ma


I’m Mrs. Stella Okhaishie, the founder of RS Farmers Market and a supporter of my husband’s ministry. I was into fashion and design before I diversified into fresh food business through the financial support and creative idea of my beloved husband. I was into buying and selling of food provisions without food packaging and its location was at Ikorodu area of Lagos State then. My husband saw the need to expand the business into digital supermarket store where classified clients can patronize us. After he returned from USA, having seen how food business is being packaged over there and he sold the idea to me and I concurred with him as the head of the family. We relocated the business to Victoria Island, I can authoritively tell you that the business is being appreciated by our new clients now.


How do you cope with the business and family affairs?


My family affairs first before business. I have trusted workers I give instructions to in my absence. I need to care for my husband and children if I m’ old, it is my children that will care for me. If I neglect them today, it would affect my old age. My goal to support the vision of my beloved husband and children in life. I put God’s service first before business.


What was the positive effect of Cooplag Expo trade fair to RS Farmers Market?


Cooplag Expo trade fair has exposed my business to new clients across Nigeria. We met new clients that are ready to patronize our office at Victoria Island. We are new in this digital supermarket store and having multi-millionaires’ competitors around us, we need to step up our business to new clients.RS Farmers Market is a digital supermarket store that deals on fresh food directly from the producers.


How do you reach out to clients that cannot patronize your office directly?


We have a car that do home and office delivery to our clients. As we grow, RS Farmers Market will be having motorcycles to reach out to many clients in Nigeria.

What is your advice to young female entrepreneurs in Nigeria?

Young female entrepreneurs must show commitment to their businesses and be prayerful in life. You must know what your clients need from you as young female entrepreneurs.




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