Don Kefe: An Ajegunle Brand Ambassador with Progressive Mindset

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“Every good brand has good patronage”-Godday Odidi


One of the renowned Ajegunle brand ambassadors giving the community a new face of progression and image identity is Ambassador Don Kefe,the Delta-born football enthusiast cum international image promoter whose innovative legacies remain unbeatable in Africa.

His recent drive to kick against drug abuse in Ajegunle using all social media platforms; whatsapp and facebook to fight the menace that has eaten deep into our future youths have received great accolades from those that believe in the developmental growth of Ajegunle community over the years.

Don Kefe is one the role models Ajegunle youths look up to when it comes to innovative drive in football and entertainment business in Africa. He is one man that has love for Ajegunle growth and development over the years and always committing to good cause that keeps the community progressing at all ramifications.

He is one man that commands the crowd and always loved by friends and associates which legendary inputs remain indelible in the sands of time.

Having received several meritorious awards from both national and international organizations, Don Kefe keeps making community impacts coupled with his vast knowledge in global football business.

He remains the most valuable and respected international Ajegunle brand ambassador with reputation. His passionate zeal in football business also helping his biological children to keep his dream at the international football league.




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