Don’t Envy or Compare yourself with Anyone on Earth
By Godday Odidi Aguriase(Real Life Speaker)

As far you live on this earth as human beings,the battle to greatness is a continuous process until we meet the Lord our creator.Envy is a product of laziness and inability to believe yourself as a person.God gave everybody on this earth with a divine gift,it all depends on how you use your gift on earth.It is quite challenging in this 21st century,somtimes,when you are possessed with a great gift,due to envy,some in position of wealth or power would not like to help such gift to manifest in life.That is why many people who are Christ like have decided to take this prayer points to magnet their helpers to them;Daily helper ,Timeless helper,Tireless helper,Compelling helper and unsolicited helper.Life is not fair to some extent but with God’s grace,we are still breathing and believing that one day our divine helper will visit us in an explosive surprise with divine mandate to help us rise in life.You might do yourself a disservice by comparing yourself with anybody on earth or envy anyone.Learn to compete your life within yourself not someone else in life.Not all that glitters is gold.God still blesses His children in a greater way you never expected in life.Every gift has a set time to manifest.That is why wealth making has no age limit and God can make nobody to become somebody if you are in the steady lane of success.You see flashing lifestyles and you ask yourself does God love you why making you look wretched among your peers.Sometimes people will boast to me that they have 8 cars in their carparks whereas their hardworking friends and relations have no car or bicycle to ride on.God has not forgotten you.I have also seen people who had fleet of cars,international connections and houses of their own but now poor.Even sold their belongings,you ask if they did not invest?They invested massively but selfishness overruled them.There are people God has destined you to help on earth but you prefer helping your selfish souls.God is watching you!Some that cannot wait for God’s blessings have succeeded in joining deadly forces to make wealth to belong to the class of wealthy people.Don’t be carried away by flashy things of this earth.God has put some people in your mind to help and fulfil destinies but still waiting for those people to die or have sickness before you can show kindness to them.Learn to do things differently and make great successes.Don’t compare yourself with anybody or envy,such attitude can lead you to early grave or make you not confident of yourself as human beiing.Let them buy the flashy cars, build the best houses,best schools for their children and everything of this world,when your own time comes,their own will be old modern.Mercedes 500 car or Peugeot 504 car was the highest car in Nigeria 25years ago,can you drive that car now?those that were rich at that time,only 5 percent still possessing their wealth.Riches on earth is not worthy of comparing yourself with anyone on earth or envy. I have passed through some hardtimes while growing up as a youth,lived in a uncompleted church for 7 years,my storylife is worthy to be read.God is faithful in my present life,I saw real death but God brought me back for a purpose.Stay blessed!

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