Economic Hardship Had Pushed Many into Quick Means of Minting Money Says Mr.Boladek

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With the current state of hardship in Nigeria now, many youths have been tagged as ‘perpetual failure due to many pocket of lies from the political class over the years till date. It has become a great concern to so many Nigerians that are directly affected in their businesses for the past two and half years in this administration of President Muhammed Buhari who promised automatic change for Nigerians in 2015 elections. In this exclusive interview with, Mr.Rasheed Bola Adekunle, Managing Director of Boladek Global Investments Nigeria Limited recently called on Nigerian leaders to sit tight and work graciously for the Nigeria youth development and other burning issues in the country.


Gabriovoice: What is wrong with Nigeria leadership now?

Boladek:I grew up in Ajegunle as one of the popular ghetto cities in the world, particularly Ifelodun Local Council Development Area of Lagos State. President Buhari might have good intention to move Nigeria forward as it was promised in 2015 elections but he is being surrounded by leaders that are ignorant about grassroots leadership in the country.It is the mafias that are presently ruling the country not President Buhari.

Gabriovoice: The recent trend in betting and networking has call for great concern in Nigeria, especially some of you that are part and parcel of this business, what is your stake on it?

Boladek:I want to speak particularly on betting and lotto in Nigeria as one of the renowned principal agents creating enabling environment for youth entrepreneurship. The business has recently welcomed every tom and dick harry that only sees the business as the only way out to mint quick money for life. Though, economic hardship in the country had pushed many into this business as a way of surviving than creating business etiquettes that can survive for generation to generation in the country. It is also bounces down on the failure of national leadership that prompted all these illegalities in Nigeria. Nobody is checkmating anybody that is why a drug networker in Nigeria can easily deceive his or her fellow countrymen or women on bonuses not realistic. Betting and lotto business has strong regulatory body that is monitoring the activities of betting and lotto companies in Nigeria.

How has betting or lotto business affect youth entrepreneurship in Nigeria?

You can see that betting or lotto business is presently lucrative in Nigeria due to massive unemployment in the land. This business has helped in reshaping many Nigerian youths that knows the value of entrepreneurial leadership in Nigeria. In every business, you must know the secret if you are ready to succeed in it. I have been teaching my workers the secret of succeeding in betting and lotto business. For those of my workers who had worked with me before and now are greatly doing well in this business. You must learn to live according to your income in this business or you go bankrupt if you decide to live a wasteful or extravagant lifestyle.

Gabriovoice: What is your view on grassroots politics in your local government area here?

Boladek:Well,I have been contributing my own little quota to grassroots politics in my local government in terms of sanitizing youths to vote for the right candidates,especially,Hon.Fatai Ajidagba,the present local government chairman has done what no local government chairman has done since the creation of this LCDA in Ajegunle.

Gabriovoice: Has the present economic hardship affect your philanthropic development in your area here?

Boladek: My brother, the rate of crime among youths is at geometrical progression now.Ajegunle is mixed up with talented, hardworking and miscreant youths, we still have good youths making waves in their chosen professions. We are doing our best in creating job opportunities for both old and young in my local government. In terms of security protection, Hon.Fatai Ajidagba is doing well to bring peace to the people. If the present government in power was not procative, miscreants would have taken over the area at all cost. God is gradually fishing out the bad boys from the area.

Gabriovoice: What is the way out of this Nigeria’s leadership?

Boladek: The government must wake up at the federal level to fix our leadership problem now. Every young entrepreneur must have focus if he or she must be ready to succeed in this present political and economic hardship in Nigeria.




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