Emeka Okonkwo(E-Money)@39:A Generous Philanthropist with Large Heart for Humanity

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-He is a product of Ajegunle community


“Giving is a gift”-Godday Odidi


This is my first time as a creative profile writer to write on Mr.Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as’E-money’ on his 39th birthday. As the Chief Executive Officer of Five Star group, he has greatly impacted lives through humanity and job creation in Nigeria.

Taking my precious time to read through his humanitarian services from Lagos to his home town, Anambra State, I discovered that E-money is gifted in helping humanity and displaying wealth on the social media as a way to encourage other young philanthropists to help the poor.

His philanthropic impacts have made many social media bloggers to be promoting his good works globally and locally.

At his 38 birthday last year, E-money bought brand new cars to his staff as way to appreciate their entrepreneurial services to the company.

As a serial entrepreneur, from shipping to real estate and to manufacturing and to music industry.E-money has become a global entrepreneur whose wealth has touched many people in Africa.

He recently shot down the social media space as he paid for 2.5km road construction in his village in Anambra State.

One thing about E-money, he loves to see people around him happy in life. Wealth sharing has been part and parcel of his public and private life where many destinies have been lifted up by him over the years till date.

At his 39th birthday today,E-money gave out brand new cars to his staff to appreciate their professional services to the company.

He remains a generous philanthropist that cares for the poor in Nigeria and his community.

He never allowed his ghetto background to stop his dream than working harder into fame and wealth. His wealth continues to grow from glory to glory regardless of his massive humanitarian services to the poor on yearly basis.

Once again, happy birthday to E-money, God will continue to lift you up in Jesus name amen.




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