Enahoro Eta: Bringing Cutting-Edge Solutions to Humanitarian Services and African Entrepreneurship

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“Every innovative entrepreneur seeks for wisdom and knowledge at all times”-Godday Odidi

Recently, I realized that the large followership of His Permanent Excellency Hon.Enahoro Eta, Chief Executive Officer of Skyward Resources Limited/Uzizi Integrated Farms on the social media is at geometrical progression due to his constant humanitarian services to the downtrodden in Isokoland.

When I put a call to his Media aide, Mr.Atumu Felix recently, I also discovered that Hon.Enahoro Eta is one man that values not just entrepreneurial publicity but also appreciating the good works of people around him.

Few years ago, precisely, I was following his political antecedents when he vied to contest for Isoko Federal House of Representatives and he was a very good aspirant but the blindfolded Isoko voters then felt he was not ripe for the position.

He came out to liberate Isoko political leadership where he spent his hard-earned resources for mobilization and campaigns across Isokoland but his political vision was thwarted by people who saw today than tomorrow. The pains of poor leadership in Isoko are yet to be alleviated and he decided to distance himself on Isoko politics and focuses on his entrepreneurial leadership and humanitarian development in the land.

Before Easter celebration, Hon.Enahoro Eta travelled to Spain to expand his business empire in Delta State and he is the only Nigerian to start importing such exclusive red and white wines to the country soonest. He stayed in Spain for few weeks to understudy on how these wines are produced, marketed and distributed.

The award-winning entrepreneur cum grassroots philanthropist believes that business expansion requires huge resources and knowledge-driven capacity to keep the business growing at all levels.

Skyward Resources Limited is the biggest alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks distributor in Isoko and he has made a reputable name in the farming business in Delta State over the years.

His recent car and house gifts to Mr.Ovie Umuakpo Ovie,President Isoko National Youth Assembly(INYA) and one of his family members indicated that his generous mindset to humanity in Isoko.

Over time, he has graciously supported grassroots sports development particularly Umeh Need Road yearly sports event where he has donated handsomely to reward the winning team.

Again, he has aptly involved himself in several peace talks to avert perennial community crisis between Oyede and Idheze-Irri land dispute. His intellectual capacity and financial support to traditional leadership is worthy of emulation to the core.

Hardly, any traditional ruler who does not know Hon.Enahoro Eta particularly Isoko nation. His respect for traditional rulers is awesome.

One thing that has singled out Hon.Enahoro Eta from other permanent residing Isoko philanthropists in Delta State is actively not involving in partisan politics but providing useful advises to politicians that are ready to represent the interest of  Isoko voters at the National Assembly and Delta State House of Assembly.

Before the 2019 general elections in Nigeria, Hon.Enahoro Eta posted on his facebook timeline where he advised one of the Isoko prominent politicians not to contest again. Due to the person involved on that post, the said politician social media handlers could not pour vituperations to him.

He has become a grassroots philanthropist in Isoko that has fully impacted in all sectors; entertainment, sports, humanity, health, entrepreneurship and leadership over the years.

His drive in business expansion and entrepreneurial humility has earned him many accolades across the globe. He has become a destiny helper to many in Isoko.He is great philanthropist with large heart in Africa.

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