Enahoro Eta:An Accomplished Business Mogul with Appreciative Mindset

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Hon.Enahoro Eta



“Those who value what you do for them always reciprocate in kind gesture in life”-Godday Odidi


Precisely, in 2011,Hon.Enaharo Eta,former House of Representatives candidate under the defunct Democratic People’s Party (DPP) contested for Isoko Federal Constituency to change the political narratives and structures which has been in the control of the present foremost opposition party(Peoples Democratic Party) over the years.

Hon.Enahoro Eta,the renowned grassroots entrepreneur cum magnanimous philanthropist came up with brilliant programmes for Isoko Federal Constituency then, only few Isoko intellectuals saw the future of what he met for Isoko nation.

He went into the full contest of equitable representation of Isoko South and Isoko North in the National Assembly under the DPP as one of the strongest opposition parties in Delta State then. He lost to the ruling political party candidate and went back to his business.

As the Managing Director of Skyward Resources Limited and Uzizi Integrated Farms, Hon.Enahoro Eta has become a renowned Isoko entrepreneurial icon using his wealth of experience and knowledge to bring massive development to Isokoland over the years.

His entrepreneurial legacies are worthy of emulation when it comes to driving home with innovative ideas of growing small medium enterprises (SMEs) in Isoko.

In 2017 Isoko Ecomomic Summit that was hosted by the two Isoko South and Isoko North Local Government Chairmen(Hon.Malik Ikpokpo and Hon.Emmanuel Egbabor) in Oleh,Delta State,as one of the resource persons in the panelist, his ideas and views in growing small businesses in Isoko was largely welcomed. He spoke extensively on agriculture and how young people can be self-employed without depending on any political leader for financial assistance.

I have keenly watched all his political, social and entrepreneurial activities since 2010 on online and offline; hardly any financial allegation or corruption is traced to his personality or company.

This amiable philanthropist whose entrepreneurial goal to see that Isoko youths and adults are largely employed at all levels in life.

He is among the first 20 Isoko entrepreneurs whose flourishing businesses are sited in Isokoland and he believes strongly that only creative business ideas can make the region being sought after in Africa.

Ever since he returned fully to business and allows narrow-minded people to decide the political leadership of Isokoland because he felt the people are not ready to change from begging mentality to self-made people.

Only those that knows his worth always seeking for his political and entrepreneurial advice and he has become a voice that cannot be ignored in the land.Hon.Enahoro Eta remains an innovative entrepreneur with appreciative mindset for humanity in Africa.












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