Engineer Daniel Omoyibo:A Serial Entrepreneur with philanthropic Legacy in Delta State

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Engineer Daniel Omoyibo


“What stop a man from creating greatness in his environment when he stops thinking for greater things of life ahead”-Godday Odidi

For the past 6years ago, I have been following the philanthropic legacies of Engineer Daniel Omoyibo, Chief Executive Officers of Danmotech Ltd and Dantinajo Gold Resort Ltd and one man that is creatively passionate about providing jobs for both Isoko youths and adults.

His passionate drive in entrepreneurial legacies over the years recently attracted Mindset Media Limited/ to him.

Engineer Omoyibo is a silent philanthropist cum entrepreneur that does not want media to commend his philanthropic legacies in Isokoland.You hardly sees his photos on the social media platforms for one social activity or the other. He has greatly affected Isoko youths on education and humanitarian services till date.

His new magnificent hotel sited at Oleh in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State shows a young man that started his life as a village boy and became wealthy in the village without travelling to any city of the world. He believes that where you live does not determine your success but how you affect your environment positively with your little resources determines your success in life.

Today, Dantinajo Gold Resort Ltd is the biggest hotel in Isokoland at present and Engineer Daniel Omoyibo is one creative entrepreneur that thinks on the progress of Isokoland.

He has received several awards to his philanthropic legacies in Isoko and beyond. He is a man that speaks less and takes actions of creative social and economic development in Isokoland.

I became glued to him when he gave a great testimony at Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos how God made his debtors to forget all his debts after a prophetic word from Pastor T.B Joshua.

He is an accomplished businessman whose philanthropic and entrepreneurial mission to diversify into various businesses to create employment opportunities for the youths in Delta State.

For him going into hospitality business in creative technological drive shows his level of entrepreneurial commitment to Isoko growth and development.

Engineer Daniel Omoyibo is one man with magnanimous heart for youth and infrastructural development. He has empowered many youths and widows on skills acquisitions and always committed to peace and security of Isokoland.

One thing that distinguishes Engineer Omoyibo from other Isoko philanthropists is that, he has respect for traditional leaders in Isoko.He remains a progressive philanthropist with good heart for humanity.


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