Every Entrepreneur must be Smart and have the Fear of God Says Prince Egbodo

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Prince Egbodo
Gabrio with Prince Egbodo
Gabrio with Prince Egbodo
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Frank Egbodo



Managing Director, Charimela Concept Nig.Limited and a multiple award-winning entrepreneur cum philanthropist, Prince Frank Egbodo has called on all entrepreneurs both young and old to be smart in business and have the fear of God, if they want to succeed in life, adding that only smart minds can grow fast in life.

Speaking to Gabriovoice.com team at his palatial office recently, Prince Egbodo said many Nigerians are selfish and greedy in business; no wealthy man wants anybody to supersede him in life. I had several challenges in business when I started my first company called Frandys Investments Limited. If not God’s grace in my life coupled with my good parental background, I would have been out of business now.

After my graduation from the higher institutions with good grades, I had my first job earning was #2000 as a salary per month, a year was #24,000.I was very happy receiving that salary at that time.

Egbodo added that every entrepreneur must be smart in business, my smartness and God’s grace brought me to this level I am today. As a marketing expert, techniques to succeed in business were not a problem to me in my previous working environment.

I knew what I wanted as a budding entrepreneur then, so I was always working assiduously for my percentage and give the rest to the companies I was marketing their doors, safes and others for them. One of the top bank executives advised me then to go into importation of this present business I am now. It was a divine grace that made me succeeded in this business because everywhere was blocked for me not import doors from foreign countries that led to the registration of Charimela Concept Nig.Limited with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2007.

Speaking further, Egbodo said, I was like a threat to many people who were into this business before me but never gave up my entrepreneurial drive in building this empire of mine. You must have integrity, fear of God and be contented with life, if you must succeed in business. Tenacity kept me in this present position of life.

On my humanitarian services to people was borne out of passion coupled with my poverty experience in Lagos then until God came to my rescue. Every young entrepreneur must be humble and intelligent in life, he said.


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