Every Young Entrepreneur must be Transparent in Business Says Otunba Wesco

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 Barr.Otunba Osinubi Moses Adewale is the Managing Director of Wesco Pools and Lottery Limited and founders of Otunba Wesco foundation and Otunba Wesco football club. He is one renowned Nigerian grassroots philanthropist cum entrepreneur that cares for the widows, orphans and always defending the poor at his own legal capacity in Africa. He is prominently called as’WESCO by friends and admirers in Nigeria while Mindset Media Limited describes him as a man of humility’.WESCO is a household name in lotto business and humanitarian services beyond Africa and Ijebu land. His businesses spanned across the 20 states of the federation with exquisite offices cresting WESCO as the official logo.Wesco is into pools, lotto and sportsbet in Nigeria. His passionate love for politics made him in 2015 general elections to contest for Ijebu Central Federal constituency where he won but victory was coasted to his opponent due to the mighty wind of electoral change that greeted the polity of Nigeria through the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC) then. As 2019 draws closer, Otunba Wesco has indicated interest to contest for House of Representatives so that he can positively bring dividends of democracy to his constituency. With his sound educational background and financial capacity, there is a great political tendency that Otunba Wesco will do well if given opportunity to serve his people comes 2019.In this exclusive interview with Gabriovoice.com,Otunba Wesco bares his mind on the need for entrepreneurs to be transparent in business if they must succeed in life and other burning entrepreneurial and political issues in Nigeria.


Gabriovoice: Your Personal details sir

Otunba Wesco:I’m Barr.Otunba Osinubi Moses Adewale,Chief Executive Officer of Wesco Pools and Lottery Limited, founders of Otunba Wesco foundation and Otunba Wesco football club.Wesco is in 20 states of Nigeria at present.

Gabriovoice:Educational background

Otunba Wesco: Well, I grew up in Edo State, attended Oluwa primary school and Edokpolor Grammar School in Edo State and later proceeded to Ogun State University,Ago-Iwoye where I had BA Hons  in  Philosophy and immediately proceeded to University of Benin to study law and attended law school in Lagos too. I’ m a trained lawyer with pedigree to the core.

Gabriovoice: Why did you prefer gambling business to legal practice?

Otunba Wesco: This is a very good question my brother; I have been in gambling business for the past 20years, played gamble in USA,London,Canada and other countries of the world. Being as an agent promoter before I started Wesco Pools& Lottery Limited also boosted my professional gambling business in Nigeria. I never made it so big at once, every success of mine started with a process. You can see that I attended all public schools and was never born with a silver spoon in life. My educational background has helped me in building this lucrative business that has created many job opportunities to both old and young people in Nigeria. My legal background has also helped me to position this business to an enviable height in life.

Gabriovoice: Gambling business was met for miscreants in those days why educated elites like you are now involved?

Otunba Wesco: It is unfortunately that in Nigeria here, gambling business is seen as do and die affairs. Gambling business falls into entertainment which means, it is a business that entertains the public with great joy. In the Western world, gambling business is for relaxation. You can play or bet a game, if you are lucky, you win. That is the game for you! It is a business that entertains the public with much fun.

Gabriovoice: Why you want to run for House of Representatives again?

Otunba Wesco: In 2015 elections, I contested for Ijebu Central Federal Constituency, won the election but the APC electoral change coasted my victory and today it is clearer to all Nigerians that the ruling party only came to hoodwink us with their change anthem. I will be contesting for House of Representatives in 2019 under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and I know with God on my side, we shall secure victory for my people.

Gabriovoice: Why Wesco is not on National Television adverts like other lotto companies in Nigeria on regular basis?

Otunba Wesco: Good product advertises itself. In Wesco I have paid #70,000,000, #1,000,000 and other huge amount of money to Wesco winners. The game is that when people play and win, you give them their money, it makes the business grows faster, bigger and greater. That is why Wesco remains on top in this gambling business in Africa. We also give out Wesco products to our clients across the country as a way to encourage them to do business with us.

Gabriovoice: What is the secret behind Wesco success story?

Otunba Wesco: Today, technology and my educational background have helped me in managing this business across the 20 states of Nigeria. If I contest for House of Representatives come 2019, it would not affect my business as a result of technology at my disposal now. With technology I can communicate with all my managers and agents across the country. God has been faithful to me in this business. When I was not in Nigeria for three months, my business was moving. At 50, God has been faithful to me at all levels. These generational entrepreneurs in Nigeria are blessed with technology and with adequate information at their disposal they can grow their businesses at all levels.

Gabriovoice: What is your advice for young entrepreneurs in Nigeria?

Otunba Wesco: Every young entrepreneur must be transparent, honest, creative, humble and be smart always.











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