Every Young Entrepreneur Needs Knowledge to Grow His or Her Business in Life-Chief Ubogu

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Chief Ubogu
Chief Ubogu
chief ubogu

Managing Director of Micura Services Limited and multiple award-winning Maritime expert has called on all young entrepreneurs in Nigeria to pursue knowledge in order to increase their entrepreneurial growth in life, noting that every business requires creativity and dedication.

Chatting with Gabriovoice.com at his palatial office recently, Chief Michael Ubogu said many young people are very lazy these days and they are not ready to work their way out into success but prefer to beg money from the rich always.

In every business as a young entrepreneur, you must be knowledgeable, focus, disciplined, self-sufficient and tolerant in order to succeed in life. I wouldn’t have been where I am today if I would have engaged in careless spending in life. As a businessman, you must have a required knowledge on any business you want to involve yourself with.Knowledgeability and right skills plays good roles in your business.

In Micura Services Limited, we keep on training and retraining staffs for modern skills to grow our company and satisfy our clients.

Speaking further, Chief Ubogu said every young entrepreneur must delay gratification first. Can you imagine that since I started travelling abroad over 10 years ago, it was last year, I used business class but all the years, I was using economy class not that I cannot afford it? In every growing business, you must know how to spend wisely to secure your business future.

Our social corporate responsibility is humanitarian services to people through the mandate of God. Budding entrepreneurs must pursue entrepreneurial relationship first before monetary compensation.

On Nigeria at 57, Ubogu said Nigeria is growing in population but not in development or growth. If we must grow as a country, right leaders must be voted into power in 2019.

He also expressed his anger on the high rate of absentee mentors in our children today. Parents are so busy these days that they are no longer interested in mentoring their children for great future. As parents we must change our attitude towards this if we must produce successful entrepreneurs that will take over from us in the nearest future, he said.





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