Every Young Entrepreneur Priority Should Be Integrity before Money Says Mr.Kingsley

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Mr.Kingsely Onogboko



Mr.Kingsely Onogboko is the Managing Director of Debby Divine Ventures and one of the fast-growing young entrepreneurs that has knack for business innovation and excellence at Badagry area of Lagos State. He is from Delta State of Nigeria and a faithful Christian to the core. In this brief interview with Gabriovoice.com, he bares his mind on some vital strategies to grow a young business in Nigeria and other bordering issues of the economy.


Personality Profile:

I ‘m Mr.Kingsley Onogboko, an indigene of Delta State of Nigeria and the Managing Director of Debby Divine Ventures located at Badagry area of Lagos State. I read Advertising and Public Relations from Lagos State University (LASU).

Business Drive:

I have always like doing business, so setting up my own business was very easy. Being a trained Advertising and Public Relations expert, it was very easy for me to break into the terrain that was already saturated by different mobile banking system in this part of Lagos.

Business motivation:

It was passion that drove me into this business, in my area here, conventional banking is far located in Badagry and Agbara areas, it is quiet a distance and time consuming for people to get their money, I felt the business must be set up to ameliorate the sufferings of the people coupled with the bad roads in the area. Though, others are in the business before I came into it but I saw future in this business of mine one year ago, that is why today, I am putting all finishing touches to make this business a unique one not for quacks or hungry people as it was before.

Business strategy:

As a young entrepreneur, you must not go into business because of money but credibility and integrity must follow suit first. For any business to grow you must key into this four salient strategies: brand, honesty, trust, loyalty and customers must be your king. You must treat your customers or clients as king to your business.

Business progression:

We are set to expand our business at all ramifications and we are partnering with Zenith Bank to be opening savings account for people here and do other profitable transactions to ease the sufferings of our customers. It is a creative business that needs smart people to succeed in life.

Business Advice:

Young entrepreneurs must be smart and equipped themselves with sound education to relate with their clients and understand the environment their businesses are located. 



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