Every Young Pastor must have the Fear of God says-Prophet Ajayi

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Prophet Ajayi Henry Gospel is the General Overseer of Jehovah Taberah Grace and Power Ministry International (a.k.a Hand of God).He is one of the fast-growing young prophetic servants of God in Edo State, depopulating the kingdom of darkness and populating the kingdom of God. In this brief interview via online, he bares his mind on the need for young pastors to have the fear of God in their callings and other issues in the ministry.


Can we meet you sir?

I m Prophet Ajayi Henry Gospel, the general overseer of Jehovah Taberah Grace and Power Ministry International (a.k.a Hand of God).I m from Uzeba,Owan West,Edo State of Nigeria.

When did you start your ministry?

2013 exactly and I was called into the Apostolic calling to preach undiluted word to the children of God.

Who is your mentor?

Daddy G.O E.A Enoch Adeboye

View on today’s ministry

God has been using young people to propagate the gospel of Christ including my very self. I m fully into the ministry.

What is your advice for young preachers in Nigeria?

They should have the fear of God, consistency, focus, hard work; follow the will of God at all time, prayers without ceasing and heavenly consciousness.




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