*Extract from (AJIF) year 2020 budget presentation speech by the leader of the house, held on 11/02/2020*

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Mr. Chairman (Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola),
The Vice Chairman (Hon. Mrs. Nkem Igwe),
The Deputy Leader Of The House (Hon. Biodun Bello),
And Other Distinguished Honourable Members Of The 5th Legislative Council,
Clerk Of The House And Members Of The Secretariat,
The Secretary And Executive Members Of The Cabinet,
Management Team And Staffs,
APC Chairman In Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government (Pa Samuel Adeyemi),
The Wife of APC Lagos West Senatorial District, Apex Leader (Chief, Mrs. Ireti Oluwa)
The Chairperson of Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government (Mrs. Erelu Ayoola)
CDC Chairman And CDC Executive Members,
Our Political Leaders And Party Faithful,
Our Traditional Rulers,
Invited Guest,
Men Of The Press,
Ladies And Gentleman.

On behalf of the 5th Legislative Council of Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government. I humbly welcome the Executive chairman of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government (Hon Fatai Adekunle Ayoola) and others here present to the budget presentation ceremony of year 2020 tagged *“BUDGET OF CONTINUAL DEVELOPMENT”*. The yearly presentation of budget before the council is in fulfillment of the constitutional obligations as enshrine in the constitution and practiced by this institution. it is our responsibility as the representative of the good people of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government to enact laws and affirm with swift compliance to proper implementations of policies, programmes and developmental projects as proposed by the government through proper monitoring of budgetary allocations as allotted in order to serve the purse as projected.
As a democratically elected government, it is rather a priority to lead the people and not the reverse. If democracy is best define as government of the people, by the people and for the people. Therefore, there is need to propagate its translation as an agreement between the Government and the Govern. i.e the Government and The people.
Hence, all policies, programmes, and projects that should be embark upon by the government shall carry the interest of the society at large.
Mr. chairman, as we embark on the journey ahead, there is need to reflect on our past as this is what distinguish the difference between a Dreamer and a Visionary leader. Year 2019 was a year of Overwhelming achievements in the life span of this administration despite the harsh implementation of newly abducted policies by the Federal Government, yet we survived. At first, it was the introduction of NFIU (Nigeria financial intelligence unit) a body that regulate financial transactions in Nigeria which reduces the daily withdrawal to #500,000 naira per day in every Local government in Nigeria. This really affected the pace of projects and programmes as proposed in year 2019.
Secondly, the federal government introduced and mandated all state to commence the payment of #30,000 naira as the new minimum wage. Lagos state being the Economic, Financial and Commercial nerve center of Nigeria cannot be Exempted. As a result of this, Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu opted to pay #35,000 naira as the new minimum wage as against the #30,000 naira proposed by the Labour in order to motivate our Civil Servant in service; thereby Recommitting and Rededicating themselves to the service of the people.
In reality, these above mentioned policies as introduced by Federal Government and adopted by the State transcend to the Local Government being the third tier of Government and has in one way or the other affected the projections of the 2019 budget as proposed. Hence, Hon. Fatai Ayoola’s led administration was able to achieve the followings in 2019:

  1. Hon. Ayoola is the First Executive chairman in Lagos State to build a Five–Aside Football Pitch, Basketball Court and Table Tennis Courtyard in Public Primary Schools. This he has done to improve the standard of Learning in recent times.
    2. Construction of ICT centers and libraries with free internet connection to upgrade the standard of Learning in our primary schools.
    3. Construction of St. Mary Model Nursery and Primary School.
    4. Construction of Father Sadika Memorial Model Nursery and Primary School.
    5. Construction of Zumuratul Model Nursery and Primary School.
    6. Rehabilitation of Teachers training center and Construction of a Block of six classrooms in Araromi Nursery & Primary Schools.
    7. Rehabilitation of a block of six classrooms with staff room and toilets in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Nursery and Primary School.
    8. A construction of a standard football pitch with athletic tracks in Oluwa Memorial Secondary School in Tolu which shall be completed before the first half of year 2020. *(ONGOING)*
    9. Construction of Alayabiagba Primary Health Center which shall be completed before the first quarter of year 2020. *(ONGOING)*
    10. Construction & Rehabilitation of Roads in Achakpo street, Salami link road, Uzor Street, Ayinde Street, Kekere – Ogun Street, Idi – Salami Road, Abukuru – Orodu link way, Ojora Street, Iyalode Street, Baale Adeyemo Street and few others.
    11. He empowered over 5,000 youths and women in 2019 through Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Project; which is yielding positive result in the lives of these beneficiaries.
    12. He has also set a pace as the First Executive Chairman in Lagos State to purchase saloon cars and presented them to our traditional rulers in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
    In a real sense, all these above mentioned were achieved with strategic ideas, proper planning and support put together by the Executive members, Legislative arm and the Management team and staffs. It is indeed commendable and we appreciate all for keeping the flag flying.
    As part of 2019 achievement under Hon. Fatai Ayoola’s led administration, The all progressive congress won all seats in 2019 general elections starting from the President to the Senate, House of representative, Governor and House of Assembly. The House of Representative election between Honourable Kolawole Taiwo of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and Honourable Rita Orji of the people’s democratic party (PDP) was declared inconclusive and as such the case was taken to court of law where a re-run in some affected polling units was fixed and subsequently held. The re–run took place and Honourable Kolawole Taiwo of the All Progressive Congress (APC) won uprightly.

As Honourable Rita Orji may have it, she was not pleased with the outcome of the election and went to the tribunal to challenge the victory of Honourable Kolawole Taiwo where she eventually lost. In her bid to exhibit *“A do or die affair”* she took hill to the appeal court and was also defeated. All victory belongs to God but as at same time , Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola’s led administration was an architect in the scene of play.
Mr. chairman, HKT’s victory stands as a translation of your words and core-values for the party hierarchy and in a transcensional bid, we hope with optimism that these value as displayed will not be compromised in a retrogressive manner for a mere political gain of blemish and inanity when it is time to reciprocate such.
On our part as Legislative arm of Government. The 5th legislative council as ably led by my honourable self had embark on enactment of laws that will better the lots of the people and as at same time boost the internal generated revenue when passed into laws. Here are the bills as sponsored by the House.
1. A Bill for The issuance and Service of demand notice on Saturdays by Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
2. A bill on Revenue and penalties for defaulters in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
3. A Bill on Cutting of road tarred in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government..
4. A Bill on Establishment of operational task force to curb societal nuisance and excesses in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
5. A Bill on Environmental sanitation and Noise pollution in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
6. A Bill on Street naming, renumbering and renaming of street in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
7. A Bill on radio and television license in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
8. A Bill on loading and offloading activities in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
9. A bill for an Act on traffic regulations and other related offenses in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
10. A bill on Hotel regulations in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
In prospect to the above listed; It is pertinent to note , that the bye-laws provided to the 5th council by the legal department when this administration came on board was last amended in 2006. Hence the delay in the process of enacting of these bills to suit the realities on ground .The titled and content of these bills are carefully studied for over 15 months by this council and as gone through its 1st and 2nd reading.
In relation to this, the above mentioned bills are now ready to be presented in a public hearing as a date shall be communicated to the Public before the first quarter of 2020 in order to get the contributions of the public for proper redress before these bills will be translated into bye–laws.
Mr. chairman in preparation for 2020 fiscal year, there is need to take us back to my 2019 budget presentation speech where I say in quote *“There is arguable no achievement that can boost good assessment of a government than construction and rehabilitation of roads”* Hence, there is need to look inward by embarking on road projects that is of most economic importance; thereby linking up inner road to connect with major roads to serve its purpose with genuinity in all spheres.
Mr. Chairman, your commitment in changing the narrative of an Ajegunle breed is not far-fetched. You had displayed a leading role in the fulfillment of your Electoral promises to bring back the glory of Ajegunle in Sport. The recent development in our primary schools where we now have synthetic pitch to play football, basketball and table tennis is a lifetime record to be beaten by the past administration of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.
However, sports as an integral activity can be a good initiative by this Government but there is need to also look inward in order to accommodate Social vices that can be use in discovery of raw talents which could be utilized in changing the narratives.
Mr. Chairman; Sighting an Example of one of our very own Ajegunle breed, Mr. Isaac Omoyele, the CEO of Dream from the slum who recently carved the flag of Ajegunle on the map as he bag “The Future award, Africa prize for community Action in 2019”. This energizing young man runs an NGO without the support of the government and he is making us proud. The likes of Ike Johnson, Michael Ojobaro, Alfred Konaughe, Godday Odidi, Ambassador young Ayanwu and few others. These are Examples of Ajegunle breed with great potentials that need little support from the government in order to expand their various organizations and get more youth out of the street by engaging them in one skill acquisition programme or the other. It will be a thing of joy to everyone of us when we invest in Human capacity development in order to further change this narrative.
As a member of the House of representative, we urge our performing House of Representative member (A Legislator per Excellence) Honourable Kolawole Taiwo to raise a motion on the floor of the House for the relief of the long abandoned press complex situated beside Navy Barracks Mobil Road, Ajegunle; as it no longer serve its purpose. When this property is relief for usage, we solicit for its rehabilitation either by the Federal government, State or Local Government. We are proposing that the structure should be converted to a vocational training center which should be equip with industrial machines and equipments that will aid in manufacturing of Local content such as Shoes, School bags, Uniforms and other Schooling materials that can be sold in our Local market and as at same time serving as a mean of retaining those that have been trained in various convocational training centers in related field to be employed while placing them on Salary structures in order to enhance productivity.
Ideologically, when this complex is converted to a Vocational Center. It can accommodate more than 2,000 workers or trainee and with such they might have drastically reduce the number of unengaged thereby taking them off the street and engaging them with this proposed mechanism in order for them to become useful to the society at large.
On Communal development, We congratulate our newly inaugurated CDC executives and members elect of various CDA’s in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government. Community development association is best define as an *“Independent association of people living together to take collective actions and generate solutions to common problem with or without aid from the Government”*. In reality, the composition and selection of Community Development Association executive Members should be relatively free from Ethnicity barrier, Religion, Political affiliations, Norms or belief. The recent conflict as recorded in recent time could best be curtailed when there is creation of more CDA’s as this will also enhance the pace of development in smaller communities across the Local Government.
Hence, we urge the Department in charge; to act swiftly with recognized stakeholders and members of various CDA’s to create and expand in numbers, thereby carving out from an existing CDA’s to new CDA’s. So doing, we might have been able to accommodate more able hands in smaller communities and as at same time solving boundary disparities between our traditional rulers.
On I.G.R projections, there is need to work on our internal generated revenue as negligence on this part may affect the redistribution of disbursed allocations as allotted by the Federal Government. In addition, for this year’s budget performance to be achieved as projected; there is need to look for stringent measures in ensuring that money or deposit made are properly monitored in order for such to be remitted to the coffers of the Local government. The management should compliment these efforts by providing an updated data of Structures, Building and Institutions piously for generation of Revenue. This could be best achieved by contracting such to independent organizations in order to get an accurate data with sincerity of purpose. Hence, the Management are required to swing into action with immediate effect to get these data as there is no way our revenue generation can meet up with today’s realities without an updated data to work with.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, as we make projection for year 2020 proposed budget, we solicit for your continued support and unflinching cooperation. As our partners in progress, we urge everyone to rededicate themselves towards the developmental agenda of Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola’s led administration through prompt payment of our rates and levies as at when due.
Mr. Chairman Sir, the legislators has enjoyed a moderate working relationship between yourself, the Executive members and Management team and staff In year 2019. We hope for a more harmonious relationship in year 2020. On this note, considering the 2020 proposed budget as it will be presented. It is my honour to invite Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola. (The executive chairman of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government) to deliver his speech and lay the budget before the maze for consideration by this council.
I thank you all for your kind attention.

*Hon. Arogundade Ayinde Kehinde,*
Leader of the House,
Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government.

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